Reconsidering Message Notifications on iOS

We as a whole have that exceptional companion, associate or adored one who just. Can’t. Pause. To. Send. Their. Messages. Previously. Wrapping up. Them! For a few of us, these rehashed messages lead to a ceaseless stream of notices that make you distraught.

We found that with each cycle of iOS and Android the warnings continue getting greater and progressively noticeable. Both on the lockscreen and the warning zone. This is extraordinary for a ton of things yet can be disappointing when speaking with trigger-glad typists.

In iOS 10 the most recent messages show up at the highest point of your warnings zone. That implies the principal message you got is pushed right to the finish of the line, regularly underneath the crease. These poor messages are indispensable for the setting of the succeeding messages yet stay new, ousted to the external edge of your gadget.

Hopefully we will consolidate all these different messages in a single warning, so it peruses as a total sentence, rather than a heap of baffling words. All things considered, on the off chance that we can’t understand the warnings, what is the point?

To take care of this deep rooted issue we propose this straightforward structure arrangement.

At the point when that unique individual sends different scantily worded messages in fast progression, your telephone’s warning framework ought to react properly. Rather than producing a flood of trivial notices why not hold up until a total sentence is framed.

We propose to incorporate the composing marker, which we know and love from the Messages application, legitimately into the notice. Various messages can be appeared only one warning rather than four, clearing up the screen, leaving enough space for other application notices!

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